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If you are looking for a Polygraph Provider who exudes professionalism, competence, accuracy and quailty customer service, then look no further than Gillespie Polygraph Services.

Our home base is Honolulu, Hawaii, which also doubles as our launching pad to provide polygraph services for our clients in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Canada & Australia. We are fully prepared to test in our office or yours as travel is a regular part of our business. We focus on actively seeking long term contracts to provide polygraph testing wherever it is needed most.

Our speciality is working with Attorneys, Therapists & Probation/Parole departments in the monitoring and testing of Post Conviction Sex Offenders. Although this is our focus, we actively offer these additional polygraph services:

  • Testing for Local Departments on Criminal Suspects
  • Testing for Defense Attorneys
  • Pre-Employment Testing for Government, Law Enforcement & Armored Car Companies
  • Testing for Businesses regarding Employee Related Theft (EPPA)
  • Testing for the integrity of event winners in sports such as Fishing Tournaments & Weight Lifting Competitions

As polygraph has grown in popular use, continuing education is vital to incorporate the newest research results into practical application. For example, in the relatively new area of Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, the model policy is being modified on a on-going basis. Any examiner who does keep current can easily hinder rather than help the Therapists & Parole Officers involved in treating sex offenders, which could lead to dire consequences. Gillespie Polygraph is committed to regularly attending continuing education seminars conducted by the professional organizations that guide our profession.

Would you like to know more about our lead examiner Bill Gillespie? Read about Bill.

Do you have general questions about Polygraph? If so, you'll probably find most of your answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Are you ready to schedule a polygraph test? Feel free to view our pricing page and then give us a call at 808.291.0433. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover Credit Cards.





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